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No Fiber? No Problem.

mimosa security solutions

In areas where you have access to fiber, your network connection may be relatively simple.  But for those areas where fiber is not available, or for temporary security installations, connecting each end point back to the internet can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

Mimosa is here to help.  By delivering fiber-fast wireless broadband solutions that connect all of your surveillance devices to the fiber backbone, you can quickly and affordably extend your security footprint to places fiber can’t reach.

mimosa gigabit fiber

Mimosa’s solutions can be deployed in both a Point-to-Point topology, bringing traffic from a single site to your fiber backbone, or in a Point-to-Multipoint architecture, allowing multiple sources to reliably send high-quality, high-speed data back to the network operations center.

Whether you’re planning for enhanced video surveillance or Internet of Things (IoT) data streaming, Mimosa’s wireless connectivity solutions are ideal for carrying massive amounts of mission-critical traffic at fiber-fast speeds.

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