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NSYS Telecommunications

Sweeping views.Tight controls.

Top-flight performance with Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi

You’re deploying APs in more locations. More services are moving online. Yes, Wi-Fi is growing, but it’s still not the only demand on your IT department’s time and budget.
IT is taking a new view of managing WLANs: a view from the cloud. With Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, you can support your organization’s growing and changing needs without straining IT resources.

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi makes it easy to manage a multi-site Wi-Fi: a WLAN administrator can set up, monitor and manage every location from a single web UI. Maintain control on the road with the full-featured mobile app. Choose from a wide variety of Ruckus APs that outperform the competition for performance, coverage and capacity. Use the built-in analytics and reports to optimize resources, adapt to change, and plan for the future.
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NSYS Telecommunications
NSYS Telecommunications is an Authorized Ruckus Ready Channel Partner.

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