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Designed to withstand the toughest environments, the ALIX-BOX outdoor enclosure is a small, light, yet very solid wireless outdoor enclosure. Industrial Die-Cast Aluminum Design, 2 N-Type connectors + 1 RJ-45 quick disconnect
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It is the easiest way to supply up to 4 devices with power via Ethernet cable. It is designed to smoothly cooperate with switching power supplies. Adapter has one DC socket, one indicator LED light and it is equipped with all-aluminium case coated with black paint.
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Cisco Small Business RV110W-E-G5: Wireless-N VPN Router, SPI Firewall, Support for FindIT, VLANs, QoS, 5 x IPSec VPN, IPv6, RIP, ACLs, 802.1X, integrated 4-Port 10/100 Switch, browser based/ Support Level SVC2
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Two way support / / Panel (Chassis) Mount / Mated IP67 Waterproof rating / Offers flexibility and multi function for Ethernet and WiFi networks needs.
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Standard IDE interface, true-IDE mode, support DMA-33 transfer mode. On-board LED indicators for power-on and compact flash access.
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The PC Engines ALIX series of system boards gives users a higher performance replacement for the WRAP series of system boards.
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155W Quad-Output AC/DC Enclosed Switching Power Supply 12V. The power supply can also work with two accumulator batteries 12V/7Ah or 12V/5Ah in case of power loss. When the power is back the power supply returns to it normal operation and the batteries are recharged automatically.
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155W Quad-Output AC/DC Enclosed Switching Power Supply 24V. The power supply can also work with two accumulator batteries 12V/7Ah or 12V/5Ah in case of power loss. When the power is back the power supply returns to it normal operation and the batteries are recharged automatically.
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The tri-band MC8780 PCI Express Mini Cards, built using the MSM7200 Mobile Station Modem chipset from QUALCOMM, offer uplink data rates of up to 2.0 Mbps and downlink rates of up to 7.2 Mbps.
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PoE Adapter 8p RACK 19 equipped with 8 LAN and 8 PoE RJ-45 ports is the ideal solution for powering devices mounted in RACK cabinets via PoE. Works with any 12-28V (max. 11A) power supply with standard DC plug.
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High quality CRC9 male Right angle connector crimp for LMR100, RG174, and RG316 coaxial cables. Suit for Ericsson / Huawei / Maxon / Netcomm / Novatel Wireless / Option Wireless / Samsung / Sierra Wireless / Sony Ericsson / ZTE.
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3G, 3.5G, UMTS, HSDAP 14dbi Panel outdoor Antenna for frequencies 1710 - 2170MHz.The Antenna comes with all mounting kits.The connector type is N female.
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Reduced side Lobe - 19 dBi Directional Gain - High Quality Construction - Horizontal or Vertical Polarization - Heavy-Duty Mounting Elements - Easy Elevation and Tilt Adjustment - Designed for All Weather Operation
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PoE Injector and Power Supply in one unit for MikroTik RouterBoard, AP's and other equipment supporting the standard PoE pinout. DC Grounded. Integral 48VDC Power Supply. Integral DC Injector. 100-240 VAC Input. AC cable included.
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Directly connects you to the internet wirelessly — no separate DSL modem required. The Linksys X1000 can also act as a wireless router by connecting the Ethernet WAN port to a cable modem.
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5200-5900MHz 29dbi Parabolic dish Antenna Ideal for long-range point-to-point applications. Radome is made from Aluminum Alloy with mounting mast diameter of 40 ~ 60 mm.
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The MC8775 PCI Express Mini Card is a powerful, cost effective solution that easily integrates into laptops and other host devices offering complete wireless data solutions over HSDPA-capable UMTS networks.
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The box is a professional grade crimp kit-box designed with all the tools you need in one rugged, die-foam lined carrying case. Complete Hex Crimp Ratchet tool kit for BNC, CATV, RCA and many other types of RF connectors.
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Adapter PoE 8p RACK 19 is an easy way to supply up to 16 RACK mounted devices via PoE.
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The Cisco RV016 Multi-WAN VPN Router is a proven solution that delivers highly secure, high performance connectivity at the heart of your small business network.
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